A statement from Barry and Margaret Mizen

A statement from Barry and Margaret Mizen, on behalf of For Jimmy, in response to the most recent knife crime murders in London

“The violence on our streets is showing no signs of abating, and the only response in the short term is to allow and support the police to do their job.

The current rhetoric of 10year plans, public health approach etc is fine, in essence this means multi agencies working together on early intervention, nothing radical but it does take time.

Our most immediate concern is the families themselves, what do they need and how best can we help them.

The issues of violence affect all of us, and there is a requirement of all of us to do whatever we can.

We at For Jimmy are committed to forging connected communities to become strong communities, and strong communities are safe communities.

If we want safer, stronger communities, then what are we, as individuals, prepared to do?”