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BlackRock Safe Havens

At the beginning of October 2015, For Jimmy and investment management company, BlackRock, began working with Grinling Gibbons Primary School to help a group of Year 4 pupils build Safe Havens on Deptford High Street.


Our Safe Havens school programme runs for six sessions. It begins with Margaret telling the children Jimmy’s story, before they begin to build Safe Havens on their local high street.

Boris Johnson champions For Jimmy

“I have been pleased to hear more about the growing impact of the Safe Haven programme, and I am proud that City Hall remains a Safe Haven for Londoners in this part of the capital.”


We call the children who participate in our programme Peace Builders. This is because they work towards building a safer, stronger and more united community.


Since speaking in their first school in 2008, Barry and Margaret have continued to visit schools, prisons, YOI’s and Pupil Referral Units as well as community groups across the country sharing their message of Forgiveness, Peace and Hope.