Colourism and Dating, Margaret Mizen, Rebecca Front

In May 2008 Margaret Mizen’s son Jimmy was fatally stabbed in South London. She joins Jane to talk about the loss of her son and the last 10 years she and her family have been campaigning to try and stamp out knife crime

No Shade is premiering at this year’s British Urban Film Festival. Written and directed by Clare Anyiam-Osigwe, it tells the story of a young woman who struggles with her identity and in the dating world because of her dark skin and tackles issues of colourism and misogynoir. Clare and journalist Victoria Sanusi join Jane to discuss the film and its themes.

From closing the curtains as a mark of respect to vlogging from a hospice, Louise Hulland explores grief in the digital age.

Rebecca Front is a BAFTA-winning actress known for her roles in radio and TV dramas. She is also a writer. Her new book, Impossible Things Before Breakfast, is a collection of true stories about surprising turns of events and bizarre misunderstandings.

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