“It really got inside my heart”

I support my friends to react positively

“In June 2018 Barry & Margaret Mizen came to St Mary’s Catholic High School in Chesterfield to share the story of their son Jimmy. Their response to the murder of Jimmy was what shocked me the most- they were not angry- they forgave the killer.

Barry & Margaret Mizen encouraged me to think about the consequences my actions can have- both in a positive and negative way. Jimmy’s story really got inside my heart, it made me really think about how easily anger can escalate. It was hearing their response that inspired me, it inspired me to take ownership of my actions, but also those of my friends.

“Jimmy’s story has really given McKenzie the positivity he needed. He really wants to be a force for good in the community- when he heard of the work For Jimmy do he was determined to raise £1000. It was a tough challenge but through his perseverance and belief in the cause, it meant that he was able to achieve his goal.”

Alex Breedon,
McKenzie’s teacher

When I watch the news youth violence is everywhere but I don’t believe anger to be the solution to people’s problems. After hearing Jimmy’s story I wanted to spread the word and I decided to do this by supporting my friends to make better decisions when they are feeling angered or stressed. I know of people that will regret their anger it has inspired me to support; I want to support them to react positively.

In my summer holidays, I decided to go out into my local community, knocking on doors to share Jimmy’s story to my community. This was something I felt I had to do. I spoke to one person who was so impacted by Jimmy’s story that they started to cry. I want to do more to keep Jimmy’s legacy alive.”

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