Jimmy’s Day at Millwall FC

On Friday 19th April Millwall Football Club hosted the annual “Jimmy’s Day” on the day of their Championship fixture with Brentford FC

Before the game both teams warmed up in t shirts with “Playing For Jimmy” emblazoned on the front. Guests at the match included a group of 24 teenagers selected by schools in the region to take part in a scheme jointly run by the community trusts of Millwall and Charlton Athletic. In the build up to Jimmy’s Day, Barry & Margaret Mizen were invited to deliver talks to the Millwall Community Trust as well as a collaboration event hosted by Millwall & Charlton Athletic Community Trusts.

Generally the two wouldn’t collaborate on social projects. However in doing so the two clubs aimed to unite young people from neighbouring boroughs to help alleviate fears and tensions between different postcodes. The purpose was to show the young people that more unites than divides them.

During the talk Barry & Margaret shared their affirmative message that the emotions we feel can be used as a force for good- encouraging today’s young people to become the ‘changemakers’. The individuals are from communities which have high levels of isolation and opportunities to meet with people who are different to them are rare. You can read more on the Millwall FC website.

“The scheme is about breaking down the barriers and raising aspirations of young people, as well as increasing knowledge of wider communities”

Sean Daly – Millwall Community Trust

The initiative won the backing and support of the EFL which has encouraged clubs to work together on tackling social issues. Barry & Margaret Mizen described Jimmy’s Day as the “highlight” of their year and described it as an opportunity to “show the wider world that this is the true heart of this football club”.

For Jimmy would like to say a massive thank you to the Millwall community for their continued support. The day raised a massive £1,600 and your generosity has contributed towards building safer communities.