London knife crime: Father to a murdered son, a government minister and a streetwear retailer

The For Jimmy team welcomed Victoria Atkins, the Minister for Crime, Safeguarding and Vulnerability to Lewisham

Barry Mizen (Founder), Sam Reynolds (CEO) & Alexia Bailey (Youth & Community worker) spoke with Lawrence Roulland, the shop owner of Crep Select, Lewisham. As a Safe Haven Lawrence creates an environment in his shop where young people feel comfortable enough to relax and confide in him with their concerns and challenges of being a young person in Lewisham.

Our Safe Havens Programme works towards early intervention to tackle the root causes of youth crime. We work with young people who are most at risk from making bad decisions- challenging them to reflect on the consequences of their actions. We enable young people to lead on change by engaging with local shop keepers to set up Safe Havens within their community. Watch the clip to find out more.