Mum of teenager stabbed to death says Theresa May is doing “nothing” to stop children being murdered

Furious Amy Morgan urged the Prime Minister to ditch her two-strike rule if she has any chance of countering the daily stabbings – the like of which killed her son Tyler

A mum has accused Theresa May of doing “nothing” to stop children being murdered after a 15% rise in repeat knife offenders. Amy Morgan, whose son Tyler Thompson was stabbed to death, said the increase was no surprise – despite Tory claims of a clampdown. The Ministry of Justice figures showed the number of thugs carrying out their fourth knife crime rose 13%, despite a “two strike” rule introduced by the Conservatives in 2015. Hundreds of yobs escaped jail despite the Government vows.

Mrs Morgan said: “Our children are being murdered and Theresa May continues to sit there and do nothing about these fatalities. “The two-strike rule is no deterrent, which is clear if people are repeat-offending like this. There’s a person killed almost every day through knife crime. “We need a one strike rule – get caught and get a five-year sentence.”

Her son, Tyler, 16, was stabbed to death in Leicester in November 2015, just four months after the two-strike rule came in. His attacker, Pravdit Sian, 19, had previously been let off with a caution for carrying a knife, and had apparently sat a knife crime awareness course. Barry and Margaret Mizen, whose 16-year-old son, Jimmy, died of slash injuries in 2008, believe education is the best way to tackle knife crime. Barry, 66, said: “These figures confirm that increased sentences do not act as a deterrent, and I don’t think increasing them again would make a difference.” His son died when a glass dish was thrown at him in Lee Green, South East London. A shard of glass slashed his neck and he bled to death in the arms of brother, Tommy.

The Tories have said anybody caught with a blade for a second time should face a six -month jail term. An analysis of sentencing showed hundreds in this category managed to evade jail. Yobs have faced court action for their second, third and fourth offences since the law was brought in. In 2016, the most recent year for Ministry of Justice data, there were 10,143 in court for knife offences. Of those, 2,770 had a conviction for a knife offence and for 490 of them this court appearance was their fourth for a knife crime. Stabbings in the UK rose 21% last year to its highest level since 2011, with London’s murder rate overtaking New York’s for the first time in modern history.

David Spencer, of the Centre for Crime Prevention, said: “The fact is the punishments for knife offences do not match the crime. Unless victims die offenders usually get a slap on the wrist.” A Government spokesman said: “Our new Serious Violence Strategy puts a greater focus on steering young people away from violence.”

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