Peace Builders

We call the children who participate in our programme Peace Builders. This is because by engaging with Jimmy’s story and building Safe Havens on their high street they have worked towards building a safer, stronger and more united community. We believe in the importance of early intervention and aim to break down barriers between children and their community by developing their confidence, teamwork skills and empathy for others.

Tomiwa, Year 4 at Grinling Gibbons Primary School

“Talking to shopkeepers and telling them about Safe Havens gave me a better relationship with my community. It makes me feel safer now that I know that they are Safe Havens.”

Amari, pupil at Deptford Green School

“For me, Safe Havens mean that if I am scared or getting chased, then I have a safe space to run where I can get help. After learning about what happened to Jimmy, I think there should be Safe Havens everywhere and I would definitely use one if I felt like I was in danger.”