Peer Mentors

Our Peer Mentors are young people aged 18-24 who carry out our programme in schools.

Peer Mentor

Their role involves helping to facilitate activities and workshops while guiding the children through the programme carried out with primary and secondary schools in Lewisham.

The team of Peer Mentors all receive training to work with children. This equips them with the skills to work both in school and out in their community, where they support the children in building relationships with shopkeepers and community stakeholders to create Safe Havens. Throughout the programme the Peer Mentors also gain a range of skills and experience.

“It has been excellent to witness young people delivering these sessions, these are people our children can relate to, allowing our students to see the possibility of achieving no matter their circumstances. This programme has truly encouraged positive attitudes, enabling all children to be positive members of the community.”

Lori Knight, Assistant Head of Lucas Vale Primary School