Building Safe Havens in Lewisham


Amari helped us build Safe Havens on Deptford High Street, alongside a group of Year 8 pupils from Deptford Green school.

During the Safe Haven programme working with For Jimmy, our group went into shops on our local high street in Deptford to explain who Jimmy was and what happened to him. We then introduced the idea of Safe Havens and why we feel they are so important in our local community.

For me, Safe Haven’s mean that if I am scared or getting chased, then I have a safe space to run where I can get help. After learning about what happened to Jimmy, I think there should be Safe Havens everywhere and I would definitely use one if I felt like I was in danger.

We met so many shopkeepers on our Safe Haven walks and they all seemed really interested in the idea, so that was really positive. I feel like I know the community better now and I don’t think I could have done this without the guidance of the For Jimmy mentors. They trained our group up so that we were ready to talk to shopkeepers and this helped build my confidence, so I could make the most of the experience and build better relationships on the high street.

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