Deptford Green visit Waverton

On Thursday 24 November 2016, For Jimmy took eight Year 10 students from Deptford Green School to Waverton Investment Management.

The main aim of the day was to give the pupils an experience of working within the world of investment management. After arriving at the Waverton offices, the students were given a chance to see if they could make a profit by collating their own portfolios using real world companies. They were told to imagine how they would invest £30 in three different companies across three years, and then told how well each company had performed in that time. The students enjoyed the task and many outperformed their For Jimmy peer mentors. Two of the students were close to selecting near perfect portfolios that offered close to a £200 profit over three years from their investment.

“The visit gave me a good view of what I would like to do in the future. This experience taught me how to invest in my money. I would like to now find a financial side of work for my work experience.”

Robertas, Year 10 at Deptford Green School

The pupils were then given a tour of the offices.  Throughout the tour,  the pupils were taken to a number of different departments from IT support,  the treasury,  to working in the kitchens and trading stocks.  This gave them a  clear understanding of the whole organisation. The message from speaking to members of the Waverton team was clear; pursue what you enjoy and keep your eyes open to the opportunities around you. Afterwards, some of the young people are now considering careers in finance or IT, while others gained renewed confidence in pursuing their current interests.

“Days like this help us to connect with the wider community and it’s great that the students get so involved and engaged in the topics.”

Stephen Browne, Head of Marketing at Waverton Investment Management

“I actually changed my mind about what I wanted to be in the future after we had the tour of the building. At first, I wanted to be a mechanic or to work with animals, but now I want to do something like be a lawyer or work with computers.”

Ryan, Year 10 at Deptford Green School

You can read a full report of the visit here.

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