“Together we can build a culture of peace”

Cardinal Vincent Nichols is the Patron of For Jimmy and wrote this for Jimmy’s fifth anniversary memorial

The murder of Jimmy Mizen in 2008 was a tragedy that should never have happened. No one could have predicted such a random and unprovoked attack. Many of us probably feel powerless to do anything to prevent such a tragedy happening again. However, inspired by the belief that good can come from evil, Jimmy’s family has worked tirelessly to promote a culture of peace. By proclaiming a message of forgiveness, the family show what true victory over violence looks like. For Jimmy now provides us all with a powerful example of how to respond to violence in our society. Its work with young people is especially valuable.

By sharing Jimmy’s story with young people, For Jimmy allows them to see the catastrophic effects of violence. For Jimmy also extols the principles needed to build up the common good: the promotion of peace, commitment to solidarity, participation in community, a preferential option for the less fortunate, and a respect for the dignity and potential of every human being. Moreover, convinced of the goodness and potential of all young people, For Jimmy enables them to identify and fulfill their God-given talents by encouraging them to find positive ways to spend their time and helping them into work. In short, For Jimmy makes our streets safer places and helps create a society in which everyone can flourish.

I readily commend For Jimmy because all of us – individuals, families, organisations and community leaders – can be both inspired by it and learn from it, so that together we can build a culture of peace.

Cardinal Vincent Nichols

Archbishop of Westminster
Patron of For Jimmy

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