“We work to inspire our students”

My job is to give our students the best opportunities

As a young person I attended Addey & Stanhope and now as a teacher I have been here for nine years – this community is one I care about. Outreach work is so important, and this is why I wanted to work with For Jimmy – we are providing the students of Addey with an opportunity to build life skills that are essential when they leave here.

At Addey we adopt a holistic approach where every child is of value and importance. It is important for us to help our students to find their place in the community. All of our staff know the name of every single student. Teachers tend to stay at Addey & Stanhope for a long time so we are able to build relationships with families; engaging with families is what creates that sense of belonging. In doing so we are able to understand and work with our students who are facing challenges within the community.

“Working with For Jimmy has provided a platform for our young people to feel positive about their community…”

We need to instil a sense of community for young people to affiliate with, even if they move further afield- this will remain their community. We should encourage them to take responsibility, to take a handle of what is happening in their community.

At Addey we aim to highlight that there is so much more to achieve from school than good grades. That’s the key thing for me and the thing I feel is most special about the school – young people feeling special about their immediate community.

In our communities we often see things which are not right. We have a choice, we can either walk on by or choose to change things ourselves. Working with For Jimmy has provided a platform for our young people to feel positive about their community and inspired them to rectify social issues impacting their community.

For Jimmy has encouraged them to approach problems with a mindset that they aren’t going to walk by and ignore it; instead, they are going to be the change. Experiencing the immediate impact their actions can have in their community is key. Taking responsibility for their community can become second-nature.

Our young people face challenges within their community and our job is to give them the best opportunities to overcome these challenges.

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