Why we exist

The wrong place at the wrong time?

People often talk about Jimmy being in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. He was exactly where he was supposed to be, in his local bakery on a Saturday afternoon just a few hundred metres from his family home. Like your home or your school, your community is somewhere you should be safe.

We exist to make sure that the communities our children are growing up in are the safest they can be. We do this in memory of Jimmy and for all of our young people with a belief that we all share a responsibility for building the type of communities we all want to live in.

“Our purpose is to create the safest spaces for young people to grow up in”

Bill Mizen CEO

Violent crime

Violent crime disproportionately affects young people, both as victims and offenders. Youth violence in London has increased by 23% since 2014 (MOPAC 2016). In Lewisham alone, there were 255 incidences of serious youth violence in 2014/15, of which 81 were knife crimes. This represents a 31% increase in 12 months (Lewisham Council 2016). Young people who are perpetrators of youth violence often have complex needs encompassing behavioural, emotional and mental health problems (MOPAC 2014). These young people are often disengaged from mainstream education, economically disadvantaged, and have poor connections with their local community.