There was such a great turnout at Sparkle (you can see photos here), we received a lot of support from the community. I think people get behind the cause, because really, who doesn’t want peace? The atmosphere was so good that even though volunteers were given timeslots to work, we just stayed all day. (IContinue reading

May 19th 1994, I am sitting in my car at traffic lights, when the car behind runs into me at 35 mph. Lots of physiotherapy later I was able to walk again. That was twenty one years ago. 21 miles will be the furthest I have walked in over 21 years. When I was learning how to walkContinue reading

We’re delighted to launch the first issue of Stories For Jimmy. To read the magazine online search Stories For Jimmy on (Our next one is coming out in September - if you’ve got any story ideas email [email protected])

Our journey continues as we spread a legacy of peace across the UK For Jimmy.

I’ve worked at The Café of Good Hope for just over two years — I wanted to get a part time job so I could be more independent, do something for myself, and I’ve saved all my wages up for a trip I’m planning next year before I go to uni — to the Galápagos Islands! I want toContinue reading

I was very emotional on the day that Margaret got her honorary doctorate. Having this family in the midst of us, in our hearts, reminds us to seize the day. Carpe Diem. If you’re not careful — you go along, you work hard, you put one foot in front of the other. And sometimes you forget toContinue reading

It’s been a life-long ambition of mine to be in the Lord Mayor’s Show. I used to go a lot with my parents and with my kids when they were little. We hadn’t gone for years — then last year we had nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon and went to watch it. Despite the rainContinue reading

I’ve known the Mizen family since I was really young. We’ve all lived in the same community for a long time and I’ve always been interested in the work that The Foundation does. As I’m a young person living in Lewisham, the work they do directly affects me and I think it’s incredibly important toContinue reading

I first heard about Foundation For Jimmy when I was at school and Margaret came to visit explaining the Peace Cloth and who Jimmy was. The assemblies were really engaging and putting my hand on Jimmy’s Peace Cloth really felt like I was helping and making a change in our community. I got some workContinue reading

In December 2013, Simon from Foundation For Jimmy came into my restaurant to explain what the Safe Haven scheme was all about and how we could get involved. We represent the community in a sense, and being a member of that community, it seemed quite an obvious thing for us to take part in. PreventionContinue reading

A mother was walking with her child along a deserted beach. There had been a violent storm and the tide had turned, leaving a large shoal of starfish marooned and likely to perish in the wind and sun. The child started picking up the starfish and returning them to the sea. The mother said, “Don’tContinue reading