Beyond the schools gates for Jimmy

A Safe Haven is a safe place young people can turn to if they feel they are in danger. Shops display a sticker that promises protection, building a safer community on your local high street

Build Safe Havens

The key to Safe Havens is connected communities. It’s about taking young people beyond their school gates and inspiring them to learn about their local community and how they can have a positive impact on it. Young people build relationships with shopkeepers and other community members such as the police, MP’s, faith leaders and parents.

“For me, Safe Havens mean that if I am scared or getting chased, then I have a safe space to run where I can get help. After learning about what happened to Jimmy, I think there should be Safe Havens everywhere and I would definitely use one if I felt like I was in danger.”

Pupil at Deptford Green Secondary School

“Talking to shopkeepers and telling them about Safe Havens gave me a better relationship with my community. It makes me feel safer now that I know that they are Safe Havens.”

Pupil at Grinling Gibbons Primary School

“I have two young children so their safety is a concern of mine. Safe Havens are spreading the values of family and looking after each other, which is something we want to see in our community to make it safe. You don’t just learn from school, you are moulded into becoming good citizens based on the community that you’re in and the atmosphere in that community. This is a step in the right direction for creating safer communities.”

Ron Stoddart, owner of Star Jerk, a Safe Haven in Deptford

The Safe Haven resources are designed to be a fun and interactive way to learn important lessons about the places we live and how we can each take social action to make communities safer.

“Safe Havens are definitely building positive attitudes, giving our pupils a sense of empowerment to be influential in the type of communities that they want. To look at how they want to build positive communities. And that’s important because there’s a lot of peer pressure for young people.”

Steve Brady, Head Teacher at Forest Hill School

Enquire about how your school can help build the types of communities we all want to live in.

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