Our Values and Behaviours

Core Value:

  • Peace and Safety: Building Communities we all want to live in.

We are professional:

  • We care about the place in which we work, keeping it tidy and feeling proud to invite the community in.
  • We dress smartly, especially when meeting our clients, beneficiaries and sponsors.
  • We show how much we love what we do by producing work that is well prepared, rigorous and well thought through with actionable outcomes.
  • Our meetings and conversations are focused and actions are written up and communicated in a timely manner.
  • We use our good judgement when spending the charity’s money.

We are client, customer and beneficiary centred:

  • Our work is always most meaningful when it is lead by young people.
  • We succeed when every decision is based on a clear understanding that young people respond best when they are loved and valued and feel that what they are doing matters.
  • We reach out to every parent in the schools where we work to provide the platform for them to participate in our vision.
  • We take every opportunity to listen and better understand the communities in which we work: schools, shops and through our cafés.

We are a successful team:

  • We are most effective when we work together cooperatively, respecting each other’s contribution and importance.
  • Our strong relationships, built on a foundation of healthy challenge and mutual support, make us unstoppable in our quest to promote peace and safety.
  • We instil a sense of trust and confidence in our team and external stakeholders by doing what we say we will do.
  • We regard all setbacks as purely temporary in the pursuit of our vision, constantly looking for solutions and innovative ways of achieving our goals.
  • We celebrate all our successes.

We are focused on personal growth and self-improvement:

  • Like Jimmy, we take total responsibility for our own self improvement.