“It’s so special to be a part of”

Matt Hone tells us how he became a trustee of For Jimmy sitting around the Mizen kitchen table in 2009.

The day Jimmy was murdered I started getting calls from parents, including some of Jimmy’s closest friends. I was away on camp as a Scout Leader at the time, but I came back on Sunday and went around to the family home and the whole community was there. I got talking to many of his friends that had been scouts previously, and I invited them to a Scout evening so that they could get out of that environment.

Around 20 of them turned up. We sat round and I prompted them to tell stories about Jimmy. I had been his Scout Leader, but had only known him up until the age of 10. So I asked how did he turn out? What was he like? What are the stories? As they shared these stories of Jimmy they were then able to smile and laugh at good memories.

The following Monday night Margaret had received a donation of £100 from a University in Kent, she told me that she wanted to use the money to support the Scouts in getting a new mini bus. Nearly a year to the day later, we had money for two brand new mini busses and The Jimmy Mizen Foundation was formed.

From that point, our meetings were held around the Mizen’s kitchen table, with lots of people doing different things to help out. As the charity grew I went from an all-encompassing role to naturally becoming a trustee and getting involved in the fundraising events. The activities such as 21 Bridges and the mountain climbs are what I love and enjoy, they are so rewarding. It’s amazing to see how strong Margaret and the family are in these events. It’s so inspirational and motivating to see them use such mental strength to get themselves up and down mountains and walk for hours and hours.

As a Trustee, every time I come into the office or see the work on social media, I’m just blown away. I never know what I’m going to come back to because the charity is constantly growing. It’s so special to be a part of it still.

We’ll be opening registration for 21 Bridges next month, keep an eye out so you can join our biggest fundraising event of 2016.

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