“We need to work with each other”

Munetsi Toro, store manager at The Salvation Army Charity Shop in Deptford has been signed up to the Safe Haven scheme since 2014. Here he shares why he signed up to become a Safe Haven.

I have a teenage son and a young daughter, so I find it so troubling to hear young people are taking each other’s lives. It’s very sad that they can do that when people should be able to engage each other in meaningful conversation to avoid such devastating situations.

I signed up to be a Safe Haven because there are too many children that carry around weapons and arm themselves for no apparent reason. Maybe because of peer pressure. For this reason, we need to stay together and work with each other to refrain from violence as much as we can.

The Salvation Army here in Deptford is doing a lot to champion anti-violence schemes and educating young people so that they don’t get led down the road of resorting so readily to violence. I was very happy to sign up as a Safe Haven so I could support the work of Jimmy’s charity and help keep our young people in Deptford safe.

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