Imagine a world

Where a young person can go to his or her local shop and always comes back home. Because Jimmy didn’t.

Our Mission

To share Jimmy’s story to help all our young people fulfil their potential and build the types of communities we want to live in.

Our Vision

To make Lewisham a place of peace and safety and to share Jimmy’s story across the country.

Three year goals

Lewisham will be known as a place of peace and safety
  • We will work with every primary school and secondary school around Lewisham and Deptford high streets (13 primary and 3 secondary)
  • Every pupil in those schools in year 5 (age 9/10) and year 8 (age 12/13) will hear Jimmy’s story by Margaret (primary) and Barry and Margaret (secondary)
  • Our work will form part of the curriculum for all primary and secondary schools we work with
  • 25 socially and/or academically at-risk pupils from these year groups, as identified by their school, will then work with us for a minimum of five days over a period of 12 weeks for two terms. These young people will become peace builders for Jimmy
  • Our Peace Builders will build Safe Haven shops on their school’s local high street as part of the programme
  • Our Peace Builders will create Safe Havens on their main bus routes that journey outside the school
  • Every Peace Builder will show progress in their academic attainment, punctuality, attendance and engagement in school
  • Every parent and or guardian of our Peace Builders will have the opportunity to be involved with our work - supporting and encouraging their children
  • Our annual Good Hope Festival will bring together the schools we are working with and the communities they are in.  This includes bringing together parents, guardians, politicians, faith leaders, local businesses and other partnering organisations
  • Every young person who has been on our school programme will have the opportunity to extend his or her involvement with For Jimmy by becoming a Young Citizen
  • Our Good Hope Cafés are a beacon of what a community business should look and feel like, a haven of peace and safety
Jimmy’s message will be spread across the UK
  • We will respond to and action all requests for personal appearances, assemblies and talks. Barry and Margaret will attend a minimum of 35 talks per year. These include schools, churches, prisons and conferences
  • The purpose of every one of these talks, alongside spreading Jimmy’s legacy of peace, will be to raise awareness of our work in Lewisham and Deptford
  • Every school visited will be actively encouraged to raise funds by doing a Day For Jimmy via a resource pack. For Faith organisations, the resource pack will have a focus on the gospel
  • Jimmy’s story will be made available via an online video for all young people to see, alongside a Safe Haven resource for them to take away
  • We will develop partnerships with like-minded organisations to help spread Jimmy’s story