Volunteer in schools

Would you like the opportunity to directly engage in our work by volunteering alongside our team of Peer Mentors on a school programme?

Corporate Social Responsibility

You may have some experience of working with young people or simply want to support our school programme. We provide volunteering opportunities for corporates with a CSR programme that includes employee volunteering hours. After completing a training workshop, your employees can join our team of Peer Mentors in school or out in the community to help support the children on our programme. You can read a report on our volunteering partnership with BlackRock Investment Management here.

“I felt I was really making an impact in my community. When returning to my day-to-day work, I felt tired as the pupils are so full of energy and ask you to be 100% in the moment. But I also felt really motivated, because you get the feeling that you are really helping them and they are happy to engage with you.”

Yann Very, BlackRock Investment Management