Safe Havens Programme

The programme helps young people recognise the power that they have to bring about change and create safe public spaces to turn to.

The Safe Havens Programme begins with sharing the story of Jimmy Mizen, a sixteen-year old who was tragically killed in 2008 by another young person in his local community.

The programme runs in schools and youth groups over the course of six half day workshops, inspiring young people to make their communities safer, and to establish local safe havens - public spaces, primarily shops, that display a Safe Haven sticker in their window and agree to provide a safe space for young people who feel unsafe.

Gordon Glean, Head of Land Securities - Lewisham Shopping Centre

“I think For Jimmy has been doing a fantastic job integrating all of the different organisations that are involved in social justice. Prior to Safe Havens, our approach to security in Lewisham Shopping Centre did not take into account that a young person running may, in fact, be in some form of danger. This has changed how we view situations and has meant the relationship with young people and the security team has improved drastically.”

Pupil at Deptford Green School

“The Safe Havens Programme For Jimmy ran in my school gave me the confidence to act as a leader in groups; both in and out of school. They taught our group a lot about Jimmy Mizen’s life and that encouraged us to help set up Safe Havens in our local community. The push For Jimmy gave me has now helped me to get involved in student leadership at my school.”