Baking For Jimmy

Cake sales at work, at home or in your community are a great way to raise money For Jimmy

Whether you bake your cakes or fake it and buy them from your local supermarket, the important thing is you are doing it to help a cause close to your hearts.

Baking it or faking it is an easy way to raise funds: you can host an event at home, school, at work or in your community.

Step 1

Pick a date and time that you and your guests would be free to attend

Step 2

Let us and your guests know

Step 3

This is the exciting bit; if you are into baking this is your chance to be creative and bake deliciously yummy cakes or muffins. But if you are not handy in the kitchen don’t worry, you can Fake It and buy the cakes in, your guests will be happy either way. Who doesn’t like eating cakes, especially if it is for a good cause!

Let us know you are hosting an event so we can send you donation boxes and some charity info leaflets to help you. Make sure you take pictures of your fantastically delicious event!