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We believe that if young people feel they have a stake in their local community they will feel some responsibility for how it functions. Given the right guidance and opportunities, young people who may have been vulnerable to falling into crime, can be diverted from it. We do this by creating unique projects that take young people beyond the school gates.

Athelney & Elfrida Partnership Programme

We began working with Athelney and Elfrida Primary Schools’ Year 4 groups in October 2014. They were interested in our flagship intensive social and academic schools programme, and how it could impact on their pupils.

Lewisham’s Drive For Peace

In 2013 Lewisham was named the ‘least peaceful place’ in England and Wales in the UK Peace Index —  so in the summer of 2014, we worked with the Lewisham Young Mayor’s team on a borough-wide response to this claim.

Mothers unite: Release The Peace

In 2012, Margaret teamed up with Grace Idowu, mum to David who was also tragically murdered as a teenager. They decided to organise 100 days of peaceful events to try to bring peace to the streets of the UK.