Our experienced team of teachers, youth works and peer mentors take our key messages and approach into schools to deliver days that focus on key issues affection young people within school. These subjects can range from:

The day includes a one-hour assembly presentation (Year group / Key Stage), followed by four hours of Q&A, workshops, and games. These will explore your chosen theme for the day, and issues of community, safety and responsibility.


Anti-Bullying, Cyber Bullying, Exploitation, Prevent, Transition, Getting On, Mindfulness, Emotional Resilience and Healthy Mind, Community, Safety & Responsibility.

Availability across Greater London throughout 2016.

If the costs of any of our work are beyond your schools budget, please don’t let that stop you from getting in touch. We are working on a gifting model that allows those that can’t pay the full price, to pay what they can. Past successful examples of this have been joint applications with schools to support funding. If you feel that our work will benefit your pupils and school, get in touch to discuss the best available option.

Contact [email protected] for prices and availability.

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