Walking For Jimmy 2018

We would like to thank all our walkers for walking across 21, 14 and 7 bridges on Saturday 26th May. They walked miles in hot weather to support For Jimmy

It was such an amazing event, a true testimony to the strength and determination of the charity’s supporters.

All our walkers and volunteers helped to mark the 10th Anniversary of Jimmy’s untimely death in such a positive way, spreading the word about the great work For Jimmy achieves in building safer communities.

We are delighted that 295 walkers signed up and have raised a staggering £50,000 in aid of the charity. This is the most we have ever raised from this event and we cannot thank you enough for helping us to pull it off.

Our wonderful volunteers went beyond the call of duty, buying water, helping injured walkers, driving miles through the busy traffic, cycling through the paths all day long, registering walkers, giving out water and fruit, taking great pictures, being so positive, upbeat and helpful through the day. They made it possible for all our walkers to continue with their walk and achieve what they set out to achieve.

We would like to also thank our sponsor Vibe, they came on board in time of need and helped us to put this amazing event on.

Our sincere gratitude also goes to PwC, their secretarial team has kindly organised an after walk reception, all Gift in Kind. They volunteered on the day, paid for the food and drinks at the reception so that our walkers can have a true celebration after their tough challenge and some of their staff took part in the walk too.

But most of all we would like to thank each and every one of our walkers. Hope to see you at next year’s walk!