Help us create Safe Havens For Jimmy

A Safe Haven is a place (a shop or a business) where a young person in danger can gain immediate shelter. This is one of our key projects, and creating more Safe Havens around the country is vital to achieving our vision of a world where a young person can go into their local shop and always come back home. Because Jimmy didn’t.

In July 2015 we took a team to Mayer Brown LLP, led by one of our young people Camilla Yahaya. The aim of the afternoon session was to share Jimmy’s story and present Safe Havens to a group of students as part of their summer vacation recruitment scheme. After a presentation and discussion around young people’s safety in their communities, the team carried out a Safe Haven walk along Bishopsgate. During the walk they visited Safe Havens along the way and presented the idea to potential shops on the street.

How can it work for your organisation?

  • For Jimmy will help establish a Safe Haven with young people in your local area of choice.
  • Our team link up with the schools in your target area or a school you’re already sponsoring.
  • The scheme can be used within employee training such as Pupillage or Graduate schemes, where trainees help to create Safe Havens alongside young people.
  • This creates volunteer opportunities for your team.
  • Safe Havens enhance your existing schools schemes, bringing direct help and support to your local area.

Benefits to your organisation

  • You will be working with your local area and will achieve a measurable community imprint.
  • Opportunities to open new fields of business and CSR consortia relationship building.
  • The scheme adds value to your existing CSR.
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