Who was Jimmy?

Jimmy Mizen was a boy who sparkled, he was a gentle giant. He was from Lewisham in London. He was murdered in an unprovoked attack in a bakery in Lee in 2008. After losing him, we as a family have been determined of two outcomes. We will not be beaten by his death and that something good will come from it.

How can we get involved?

You can volunteer with us, fundraise with us, donate to us, come to our events, visit our cafés, follow our stories, or if you’re a teacher sign up to our schools programme!

Where does the money go from donations?

Your donation goes towards creating an online platform that will enable young people across the country to build a Safe Haven in their area, to make their communities safer.

How do shops become a Safe Haven For Jimmy?

Safe Havens For Jimmy are led by young people who go into their local shops and businesses, (and after building a relationship over several visits) ask the business owner “if I was in danger, would you help me?”

What’s the problem you’re trying to solve?

We’re trying to make our communities safer, so young people don’t get killed in vain. Our vision is a world where a young person can go into their local shop and always comes back home.

How have schools and pupils shown their commitment to peace?

Pupils have put their handprints on Jimmy’s Peace Cloth as a pledge for peace. (We now have over 80,000 handprints.) They’ve also created peace gardens and peace benches, done peace walks, and even released doves!