A pledge for peace

“They’ve reminded me who Jimmy was. Physically doing something helps the kids remember – it’s really lovely what you’re doing and it will look really amazing.”

Joanna, SE1, London

“I’ve worked as a volunteer mentor at a prison, and I think more help needs to be given to those who commit the crimes. It’s great to hear about work with schools to help stop the cycle.”

Leila and Tarik, Shoreditch, London

“The kids haven’t been to London before and it’s nice seeing positivity. I’ve done campaigning myself and it’s nice seeing other people doing that. Seeing the colour and campaigning for positive reasons, it’s a stark contrast to the bad things that have happened that something good comes from it. It brings people together. We appreciate that local positivity that brings a community together.”

Holly, Angela, Lucy & Caroline, Staffordshire

“It was good to get a better understanding of the charity and what it does. It’s great hearing about initiatives like the Safe Havens project that make an impact as opposed to just telling people. They’re actually doing something to help.”

Iris, Hong Kong originally, now living in London

“Today I think I’ve learned about people’s bravery. I’m in awe of some people here; their resilience and what you can achieve by just putting your mind to it and being stubborn. I think everyone here is amazing and I’m trying not to cry!”

Adala, West Norwood, London

“It’s fantastic that the parents of Jimmy didn’t focus on the anger and hatred. They didn’t want to show the anger they could’ve done, and instead could seek commiseration with the family because they’d both lost a child to violence – one to death and one to prison.”

Kenneth & Becky, South London

“I think the activity is bringing attention, and being involved is something the children enjoy doing. They’ll probably have a memory of it, which they’ll maybe understand as they get older.”

Theresa, Deptford, London

Thank you to photographer Hayley Nia Thomas and writer Georgina King for collecting these pledges from our Peace Mosaic, created as part of WHY? What’s Happening for the Young Festival held at the Southbank Centre.

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