“I feel proud to have helped”

Aaron Bishop (19), from Catford, is a journalist who got involved with us at the Southbank Centre for our Peace Mosaic project in October.

It was my first time helping out at a For Jimmy event and I was amazed at how receptive people were to finding out more about what they do. Many people were eager to get involved, asking how they can donate and parents as well as children were happy to play a part. Even five-year-old Ama wrote, ‘Love one another’ next to her handprint. This shows that the message is being spread and received even to the youngest of children.

Members of the public also took an interest in what would happen to the mosaic after it left the Southbank centre, and with it going to public places in different boroughs around London, the memory and pledge of peace will not be forgotten. The Mizen’s added their own handprints to the mosaic, with the whole family in attendance. This was a special moment as it highlighted, in my mind at least, the effort and strength of the family, and how far they had come since that tragic day in 2008.

This event really opened my eyes to the work that For Jimmy do and I look forward to helping out in future events. The awareness that For Jimmy try to spread and the good work they do is inspiring, and on a personal level I feel proud to have helped in some capacity with such a good cause.

You can read about the Peace Mosaic in more detail here.

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