Your company or business

For Jimmy is supported entirely by your donations so by supporting us, you’ll be making a lasting difference to the lives of our children. Together we can help make sure that every child can grow up feeling safe in their community

Corporate Support

This is a great opportunity to unite your staff behind a worthwhile cause that they can identify with and feel passionate about. We will be on hand to advise how your staff can get involved in fundraising activities, volunteering time and skills, events, challenges and more.

Increasingly, companies are seeing the benefits of working with a charity partner for multiple years, embedding the partnership within the organisation’s culture to deliver mutually beneficial results with a lasting legacy.

Sponsoring an event

We are delighted to offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities that can be tailored to suit your business objectives, from mass participation challenge events such as Walking For Jimmy to local events such as the Good Hope festival.

Employee fundraising

The more your staff get engaged with our partnership, the more powerful it will be. If they want to raise money for us, we can suggest a package of exciting, meaningful activities to put your staff right at the heart of our work.

There are plenty of fun ways for your staff to raise money to support our work. An easy way to get started is an office cake bake; you could also test your colleagues in an Apprentice-style challenge or even host an event like a charity ball.

We’d love to help you come up with or develop great fundraising ideas that relate to your business and can be applied in your work environment. To discuss how we can support your employees’ fundraising please email [email protected]

Participating in our challenge and other fundraising events

Having teams of employees take part in organised events to raise funds For Jimmy is a great way to build team spirit within your organisation. We have places on some unique events that require endurance, teamwork and skill. Our challenges are perfect for corporate teams or groups of friends. If you are interested in finding out more please email [email protected]