Breaking the cycle of youth violence

Smart Choices is the new focus for the work of the charity which was founded in 2008. We are excited to have developed programmes and interventions aimed to help children and young people break the cycle of youth violence.

Our Mission is to:

  • Promote the safety and well being of young people
  • Show them how to be in control of their emotions
  • Empower them to make choices that avoid conflict
Our Vision is we live in a world where young people are:
  • Emotionally resilient and know how to form healthy relationships
  • Confident, wise and considerate in their decision-making
  • Responsible citizens who fulfil their potential

Smart Choices is driven by:

  • Caring about young people’s safety, self-esteem and confidence
  • Listening and responding to individual/group needs
  • Avoiding ‘done to’; instead we work ‘with and for’ our young people

Our Programmes

We offer a diverse range of programmes:

  • Early intervention: five-week sessions for at risk children (5-11) in groups or 1:1
  • Mid intervention: five-week sessions for at risk children (11-13) in groups or 1:1
  • Advanced intervention: at risk children and young persons (16-21) in alternative provision in groups or 1:1 utilising personality type profiling tools
  • Integrated Support Strategy: To provide support to at risk children, young persons and their families out of term time utilising personality type profiling tools
What we need to make it happen

For example:

  • £6750 is the cost of a typical programme for 30 young people
  • All our programmes are tailored to the needs of the young people

Even during these difficult times we are ‘open for business’. With the massive national and global response to COVID-19, we know its threat will eventually subside. With resources made even more scarce as a result, the challenge of youth violence will not have diminished.

Please note that our website is currently being redeveloped and more information about our work will be coming soon.