Built on a story of faith

Jimmy’s story is a sad one, but also one of hope and determination. Something good out of something so bad

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Shortly after Jimmy was killed in 2008, Barry and Margaret were asked to speak in a local school. Far from confident public speakers, they both shared stories about what they knew best – Jimmy. Those initial talks have evolved into a programme that inspires young people, schools and businesses to build safer, more peaceful communities.

“You teach young people to pursue peace and forgive others. This has challenged me because I’m not always the most forgiving but it has helped me realise that every minute is worth living and a grudge is profitless work”

Pupil – Bishop Challoner

During the talk Barry and Margaret challenge widely held assumptions and ask big questions about the kind of society we want to be.

“The sessions with Barry and Margaret went very well. The feedback from the students was very positive and they were
inspired by what Barry and Margaret had to say. Some of the students went and spoke to the Head of 6th form afterwards and said that they felt that the openness and the way that what was said was presented was both very sad but showed how something positive had come out of what had happened to Jimmy.”

Frances Kinal – Teacher at St Andrew’s Catholic School

“Think before I act and really love my neighbour as I love myself. Also understand not everyone is the same”

Pupil – Christ The King: St Aquinas

Barry & Margaret

“Mr & Mrs Mizen came to speak at my son’s school, St Peter’s in Guildford, a couple of weeks ago. My son is 17 and tonight he talked to me for about 20 minutes about Jimmy, what happened to him and how Mr & Mrs Mizen had told their story. It has made a big impression on him and made him think deeply about how actions have consequences. I am certain you hear many times about the effect that your talks have on young people, but I wanted to tell you that Joe is still thinking about it two weeks later, and I am certain it is an experience that will stay with him for a long time. Thank you for the work you do to bring good out of the terrible loss your family suffered.”

Mr Peter Downie – Parent, St Peter’s Catholic School, Guildford

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