Our Community days take young people outside of the school environment, engaging them with key community partners, strengthening relationships with Federation schools or building Safe Havens.

Safe Havens

Young people go onto their local high street and ask shopkeepers if they would lock the door and call the police if a young person or adult was in danger or felt threatened on the street. What makes it unique is that pupils build the relationships with their local community to help make it safer. As well as helping to keep young people safe in the community, the project is vital in building relationships with local businesses, the police, council and communities.


We lead pupils in reconnecting with local schools, strengthening and rebuilding relationships that have become strained.


Pupils are taken beyond the school gates to interact with key community partners, from the local police, council, businesses and community leaders to reconnect with the local area and improve relationships.

You can read more about Harris Boys Academy’s Community experience here.


£3,750 for 25 to 30 pupils
6 Sessions over one term

If the costs of any of our work are beyond your schools budget, please don’t let that stop you from getting in touch. We are working on a gifting model that allows those that can’t pay the full price, to pay what they can. Past successful examples of this have been joint applications with schools to support funding. If you feel that our work will benefit your pupils and school, get in touch to discuss the best available option.

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